Action Pictures Request (Varsity)

Its a super simple fundraiser to get started and you don’t pay a dime for this request.

You only pay a nominal fee when you have viewed and selected your pictures



Complete the form below with  your first name so we know who wants the pictures taken. Then tell us your email for our communication. Tell us which athletes to highlight. Remember Its important that we know if your athlete is playing on the offensive and or defensive side of the ball, because sometimes there are multiple shared numbers on a team.



Your half way their now, we will come out and snap your actions photos from the sideline and then upload them to our server.  A few days later, you can browse the pictures and make your selection of what you want. You can purchase, none of them or you can purchase all of them, its totally up to you. 



Once we have sorted your selections, we will email you to inform you that your images are ready and can be paid for through your teams admin staff. Your team will collect your fees and deliver your flash drive during the following weeks game. All images are presented as a high quality digital image just in case you want to blow them up.